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WhenGirls is a female empowerment movement founded by two women from Toronto, ON who connected through dance. We are focused on helping you build a house hold name, through the art of storytelling.

As brand strategists, we provide brand consulting and design services, social media strategy and marketing support.


As community leaders and activists, we provide access to resources, host events, and lead workshops while providing a network of sisterhood. Omega and Renee believe that success is made possible WhenGirls connect, empower, aspire, dance and thus we all thrive.

WhenGirls appeals to the multifaceted woman. She may be juggling a career and a side hustle, growing a family, being a good wife; among other things. We know because we are her! You are determined to reach your goals, and could probably use a little assistance along the way. That's where we come in!


Collectively, we have over 20+ years of relative educational and work experience in Commerce and Marketing, Digital Design, Commercial Real Estate, Project Management, Career Mentor-ship, and Music and Beauty. Having a vast network has landed us opportunities to connect and work with some of Toronto's elite emerging small businesses.

We are committed to continuing to build a strong network of young black professionals and grooming future #pivotqueens. It's no secret...this year has been one full of adjustment and pivoting our business strategies, in a world full of change and uncertainty. Our main goal is to help you make the emotional connections with your audiences to ultimately sell through. You can count on us to provide recommendations, interpret and deliver the project according to your vision. Our hands-on and intimate approach means working closely with you, every step of the way!


Photography. DJ.

Graphic Designer.


Brand Strategist. Graphic Designer. Makeup Artist. Realtor. Business Management. Singer, Songwriter. Dancer.


Brand Strategist. Business and Confidence Coach. Dancer. Project Manager.


Toronto, ON



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